Dach und Wand Handels GmbH

Founded in 1991, Dach und Wand is now the number one wholesale company for roofers, plumbers, carpenters and blacksmiths. With seven branches all over Austria and strategically located at convenient points, it also serves a very large geographical market. Generous storage space at each location allows Dach und Wand to offer a wide variety of products.

The well-founded experience in the specialist field as well as the knowledge and commitment of about 135 qualified employees offer special customer advantages: These make the company the leading full-range supplier in the "Dach und Wand" sector in Austria.

Dach und Wand Handels GmbH
Solarstraße 9
4653 Eberstalzell, Österreich
Tel.   +43 7241 25 22