Alporit AG (Branch Rothrist)

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Specialising in the manufacture and processing of extruded closed-cell polyethylene foams, Alporit AG (Branch Rothrist) in Rothrist has been part of the swisspor Group since 2008. The excellent physical properties of foams – their high elasticity and temperature, water and acid resistance enable them to be sued for the widest variety of applications in building construction and interior fitting out, and in the industrial, packaging and leisure sectors. The product range extends from sound-insulating underlays, edging strips, damp-proof courses, expansion joint profiles and frost protection mats through individual bespoke packaging solutions, to sports and leisure equipment. The foam production is subject to strict quality management and constant inspection and controls by the in-house laboratory.

Environmental profile
Conserving resources, saving energy and constantly reducing the burden on the environment through modern production techniques is not only an obligation for Alporit AG (Branch Rothrist), but something the company takes for granted. The polyethylene foams are produced in an environmentally-neutral process without CFCs. A state of the art recycling plant enables old materials to be reused and processed to make new products.
Alporit AG (Branch Rothrist)
Juraweg 30
CH-4852 Rothrist
Tel.   +41 62 785 57 57
Fax   +41 62 785 57 60
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